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Dragon Cultist Naedan Sundew

Loot’s Golden Brush - Rules & Guidelines

Loot Studios | 2022, November



1.1 This Painting Contest is to encourage everyone interested in having fun and interacting with Loot’s Community through painting.


2.1 To submit an entry in the Painting Contest, you must apply through this Google Forms.

2.1.1 There are some items in Google Forms that will require people to be logged into a Google account. This includes uploading files (they get uploaded to their own Drive first).

2.1.2 The miniature to be submitted for entry into the contest is Galjin, The Long-Lived in 75mm scale.

2.1.3 For Loot Studios subscribers, the miniature will be available for download on My Loots on the platform.

2.1.4 We will not consider any entries other than the Google Form.

2.2 The submitted miniatures must be your work, yours alone. We will not accept passing off someone else’s work as your own.

2.3 All entries are restricted to a single (one) miniature. No grouping of miniatures is allowed.

2.4 Submit your entry in JPG (JPEG) or PNG format, with a file size no larger than 10MB. If you send a photograph that doesn’t fall within the limits prescribed above, your entry will not be accepted.

2.4.1 Photographs submitted must be at least 512×512 pixels in resolution to be considered.

2.4.2 Signatures or watermarks are not allowed in the photographs.

2.5 Submissions will start on November 09th until November 29th at 11:59pm PST (November 30th, 2:59 am EST / 7:59 am WET). Submissions after the cutoff date will not be accepted, with no exceptions.

2.6 The application can be submitted at any time during the contest, though none will be showcased until after the final submission date.

2.7 No votes will be accepted after the polls are closed.

2.8 No digital painting/editing is allowed.

2.9 The miniature can not be scaled up or down.

3.0 The miniature must be painted with its original base.


3.1 Each submission must contain 3 (three) photographs of the Galjin, The Long-Lived.

3.1.1 An image of the painted miniature on a black background (click here to see an example).

3.1.2 An image of the painted miniature on a white background (click here to see an example).

3.1.3 An image of the painted miniature being held by the painter to check the proportion of the print (click here to see an example).

3.1.4 All of these images are mandatory, and submissions without them will not be considered.


4.1 All applications approved will be made available for open voting via Google Forms. The link will be sent via email and posted in our Discord and Facebook communities.

4.2 All applications approved will be displayed to popular vote between November 30th (at 11 PST) and December 04th (at 11 PST).

4.3 From all applications approved, the Loot Studios’ team will vote and select 30 (thirty) submissions. From this vote, winners will be selected as follows: First, second and third places will be defined by the Loot Studios’ partner artists responsible for the Journey to Nidavellir paintings: Arnau Lazaro, Roman Lappat, Aleksandra Cvetanovski, and Marko Miladinović (Craftworld Studio). Harmony, technique, and creativity will be the criteria that Loot Studios’ partner artists will judge. The open voting will define the People’s Choice, the most voted miniature by the Loot Community.

4.3.1 The winners will be announced on December 10th live on our youtube channel. We will also answer questions from our Community about the launch of the Journey to Nidavellir.


5.1 Artists’ Choice:

First place: Anycubic Photon Mono X2 + Element Games £150 gift voucher + Journey to Nidavellir + 5 bottles of resin (1l each).

Second place: Element Games £100 gift voucher + Journey to Nidavellir + 3 bottles of resin (1l each).

Third place: Element Games £50 gift voucher + Journey to Nidavellir + 2 bottles of resin (1l each).

5.2 People’s Choice:

The winner of People’s Choice will be our next Community Hero. We will make a new miniature based on the winner and the winner will choose the race and class of the character + Journey to Nidavellir.


6.1 The printer and resins will be sent by Anycubic. Loot Studios is not responsible for shipping or the products themselves.

6.2 Loot Studios will contact the winners directly by email for shipping addresses and other details.

6.3 Loot Studios retains the right to alter contest rules and/or decline entries based on community guidelines and terms of service at any time.

6.4 Loot Studios and Anycubic can use all submitted images for marketing purposes.


Loot’s Golden Brush – Rules & Guidelines

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