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Dragon Cultist Naedan Sundew

What 3D printer can I use to print the files?

Administrator | 2022, May

Our minis are super detailed and you can use most commercial printers to bring them to life. The result will be much better if you use a resin 3D printer, and so we recommend using one of those.

If you wish, you can use an FDM or PLA printer, but we cannot guarantee a good result for small and highly detailed minis. Due to this, our provided pre-supported files are for resin printers only.

In regards to the build plate size, our minis work fine even on the smaller ones. For most things Loot has created so far, we have used as a base point the print area of 121mm x 68mm x 130mm (from a Phrozen Sonic Mini).

However, for Loot’s Statues, Props, and Huge and Gargantuan models in 75mm, the minimum print area required is 192mm x 120mm x 200mm (from an Elegoo Saturn).