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Every month a new bundle with 3D printable files of highly detailed miniatures & much more.

Every month a new bundle with 3D printable files of highly detailed miniatures & much more. With Loot, you get all you need to run the RPG campaigns no one will ever forget.

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The Must-Have Subscription For Every DM & RPG Player

Everything You Need TO Start Playing

Get so much more than awesome minis: we also offer you statblocks for D&D 5E and a magazine with lore and encounter guides to start playing with your friends as soon as you sign up.

Premium quality models for your collection

All models from Loot Studios are carefully designed by internationally recognized artists to reflect the character’s personality in every highly realistic detail, from corner smiles to body scars.

A Huge And Versatile library of minis

Loot’s library has more than 2K minis, from heroes, villains, and scenery objects to life-size props, designed in a way that, no matter what you need for your next RPG campaign, you can 3D print the perfect model for you.

A Loot Feeling Every Month

The only miniature subscription you need

Monthly bundles with different adventures

Recreate universes just like you’ve imagined them with the right mini for every story, setting, character, and NPC.

Pre-supported, prototyped &

All models you’ll get have been prepared and tested for the most popular 3D printers to reduce printing errors significantly.

Exclusive models as member Rewards

The longer you stay a member, you’ll be awarded coins to redeem our exclusive not-for-sale models, a recognition of your time with us.

A huge member-only community

Connect with almost 30K members, already sharing tips on 3D printing, painting techniques, and RPG games and campaigns.

50% discount on every bundle

Loot Studios has the largest original catalog of miniatures in the world, and as a member, you’ll get 50% off on every bundle.

Lifetime access to your models

Access all your STL files whenever you want and stop worrying about downloading ahead of time or keeping them safe on your own.

Receive exclusive content

Every week you can get content about RPG gaming, painting techniques, 3D printing and some spoilers on what’s coming next from Loot Studios.

Community Impressions

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testimonial we could find

"Loot gives us, essentially, all the stuff we need to CREATE our own adventure module. The lore is there. The NPCs, villains, monsters, and even handouts/props are in there. The minis are there. The plot hooks are in the lore. All the makings of an adventure.

You, as the DM, would be responsible for linking all the chapters together in a way that fits your world or campaign. For only $15 a month, Loot gives us a TON of stuff. Personally, I'm thrilled to put in that minimum level of work for my campaign if the alternative is to create it all from scratch in my head."

Luke Newman, subscriber since December 2021