Loot Studios – 3 Things a Great RPG Adventure Must Have

3 Things a Great RPG Adventure Must Have

How to Identify or Make a Great RPG Adventure

There are many things a great RPG adventure should have to make the experience truly remarkable, like an interesting plot, character development, balanced combat, or powerful loot, and there are many content creators out there with plenty of advice on how to do it. But there are three things that will separate great adventures from forgettable ones that will make players lose interest halfway through it. These things are broad concepts that any adventure should have and will enhance the experience regardless of anyone’s skills, or what kind of RPG system is being used. Here is what they are and how to achieve them.

The Rule of Cool

Yes, it might sound obvious that a great RPG adventure should have lots of fun, but it can actually be a bit tricky to make this work for every player on the table. Some people might prefer battling over the story while others would rather socialize than defeat anything. The players’ party composition says a lot about how the campaign will go, and the DM needs to be aware of that to find balance. Fun cannot be achieved only with a good story, an interesting challenge, or a thoughtful puzzle. There is more to it in the nuances of conducting a campaign to make it feel great and one of the best ways to guarantee that is by applying the rule of cool whenever possible.

Does the party want to have a comedy moment during a horror adventure? Go with that! Are the core rules imprecise or confusing about a certain spell or ability? Make new rules. Does a player want to flirt with a kobold? Give them a high DC challenge and see how things will play out! The rule of cool is more of a mindset than a rule set in stone — allow players to take the wheel sometimes, and help to steer the ship whenever needed. On the other side, players should understand how to properly work as a team, and how character’s classes complement each other. Another great way to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone as a player is by being proactive. Take notes during the adventure and help the DM consult rules or spells. It will likely speed up downtimes and leave more room for the fun part.

great rpg adventure
Malak, Divine Blade, from Loot Studios’ Flames of Wrath.

The Right Mood

Let’s quickly get something out of the way by saying: don’t confuse mood with immersion. Immersion is playing a nice soundtrack during the adventure, having cool miniatures, choosing the right words to describe a scene, or even giving the right voice to a character. Of course, all of those things could be done to add to the experience, however, they can fall flat when players are just not in the right mood. Maybe they grew tired of their characters, or maybe they don’t want to play the same setting anymore — the adventure has lost its appeal. The mood can change throughout an adventure, especially in longer campaigns, and sometimes that’s out of the DM’s control.

Accept that a mood can and will change eventually, and that is not a bad thing. It could mean discovering new RPG systems, a different setting, or even a different group of players. Player groups can drastically change the mood of an adventure. In other words, find people who are in the same mood to play games. But sometimes, the mood can be just playing something alone, at a slower or faster pace than usual, and that’s completely normal. Solo adventures exist for that. It helps with the itch to play something different or more in the right mood before joining a group of friends on a long campaign. A great adventure is the one that scratches that itch, so here is a curated list of the Best Solo RPGs to Play on the market to help with that.

Epic Miniatures

Speaking of cool miniatures and immersion, RPG adventures wouldn’t be the same without some amazing avatars to represent the player characters. People need to look good while exploring dungeons and destroying monsters on the battlefield, and there’s nothing more perfect than 3D printed miniatures to do just that. Characters can be portrayed with incredible detail through these figurines, and with a decent paint job. The most simple cartoon-styled mini can look epic, and even the loot can be 3D printed!

Hobbyists can find full 3D printed dioramas for boss battles, entire dungeon rooms, props, and interior items to bring life to taverns and houses. There are plenty of hero avatars to portray any party’s heroes, and let’s not even get started on the jaw-dropping monster miniatures out there. Having miniatures on the table enhances the immersion and how seriously players take combat encounters. It will turn a basic campaign into a memorable adventure, and the best part is that Loot Studios has got everything players can imagine with an incredible collection of 3D printed minis. All of that is packed in seasonal bundles that change monthly and bring lots of extra goods. Come take a peek at this impressive collection and start making your campaign incredible today!

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