Loot Studios – Exploring RPG Classes: The Fighter

Exploring RPG Classes: The Fighter

The Combat Master With a Will of Steel

Fighters are the most versatile class of fantasy RPG systems. These well-rounded adventurers have an unparalleled knowledge of combat tactics and can become formidable specialists later in game. For that reason, the fighter is a magnificent choice for players who want to decide their specialization as they level up rather than start the game locked in a single role. They can become a knight, a gladiator, a samurai, a bodyguard, a bandit king, a hunter, or even have a profession that relies on magic. That makes them a great addition to any adventuring group. It’s always good to have a fighter who can spearhead into combat, be a tank for incoming damage, or just adjust to a role lacking in the party.

However, despite all the flexibility that this class provides, the amount of choices can be overwhelming for a new player. So, here’s how to better understand the gamut of possibilities this great class has to offer.

What Is a Fighter?

A fighter can be anyone, and come from anywhere, as long as they’re up for a good fight. A fighter lives for it, and thus, all of their skills will revolve around combat tactics. They’ve dedicated their lives into the arts of combat and trained hard for it, whether it was for survival, protection, or for hunting their targets as mercenaries. Fighters are usually among high rank warriors, veteran soldiers, knights, officers, or personal bodyguards, and earn their trade through battle. They have a wide range of weapons to choose from, as well as being able to use any kind of armor. Because of that, fighters are a great class for players who prefer battle over roleplaying mechanics.

Herkas Oaksword, from Loot Studios’ Orcs of Butcherhold.

Play Style

This class favors high strength and high dexterity builds, with constitution or intelligence being the second best score to focus on. Strength and constitution are a good combination for melee fighters who want to be a tank and deal good damage. Dexterity will favor those who prefer long range weapons, a higher initiative, or use weapons of finesse, such as rapiers. Intelligence, on the other hand, is only good for fighters who will cast some spells during combat. While the fighter may start as the Swiss knife of the group, much like the rogue class, it is best to keep a preferred weapon in mind and level up towards that specialization. It can be a choice as simple as “polearms are cool, let’s go with that,” or “dual wielding axes is the way”.

Fighters work great as tanks, holding the frontline and giving their party some space to breathe, or aunting and crippling monsters so others can help to finish the job. The higher the fighter’s level, the more unhinged they become on the battlefield, and usually, they can gain extra attack actions to brutalize their enemies. There’s plenty of RPGs out there for players to experiment with these tactics, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder; however, a great RPG called Cairn might be the simplest and easiest setting for new players to start off their adventure as this class.

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