Loot Studios – Exploring RPG Classes: The Paladin

Exploring RPG Classes: The Paladin

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Righteous of Them All

The world of RPG quests is plentiful with warriors of various backgrounds and abilities, but none embody honor, righteousness, and unwavering devotion quite like a paladin. These noble knights are sworn to defend the weak, uphold justice, and combat the forces of evil with unwavering dedication. Knowing the origins and motivations of your character’s class can turn the whole quest into a memorable adventure, and that’s what we are doing here today.

A Divine Warrior

At first glance, a paladin is an imposing figure clad in gleaming armor, with a resolute expression and a radiant aura surrounding them. They are paragons of virtue and embody the ideals of justice, piety, and chivalry. Way more than a magical one, the paladin balances sword fight with magical power with a touch of sobriety and morales very specific to its character.

That’s exactly why paladins are not only formidable warriors but also powerful spiritual leaders. Their faith is unshakable, and their devotion to their deity or cause is unwavering. Their divine connection grants them the ability to call upon the power of their faith to perform miracles and smite the forces of darkness.

Unwavering Spearman Concept Art, from Loot Studios’ Crusade of Darkness.

Special Skills

In addition to their combat prowess, paladins possess unique skills that set them apart from other adventurers. They can inspire their allies with resounding speeches, bolstering their courage and enhancing their abilities in battle. This aura of inspiration grants strength, speed, and resilience to those who fight alongside them.

Furthermore, paladins have the ability to cleanse the tainted, purging the land of malevolent influences. With a touch, they can cure curses and diseases, restoring the afflicted to full health. This ability is a testament to their unwavering commitment to eradicating evil and bringing salvation to those in need.

Despite their formidable powers, paladins face challenges that test their resolve. They are often called upon to make difficult moral choices, navigating the intricate web of right and wrong. Their commitment to justice can sometimes lead them down a path of internal conflict, as they must weigh their personal desires against the greater good.

Embodying the Character

To fully engage onto a quest, knowing the importance of following principles, and this super-hero aura that flows from the paladins, you must incorporate those traces on your choices, behavior and attitudes during the role play. Bear in mind that the paladins offer you versatility in combining brutal force with divine magic, and by divine, be extremely intentional on choosing which deity is he/she going to be a servant for.

The beautiful descriptions above can mean nothing if you don’t honor them while you carefully build your character and distribute the points you have on skills that are aligned with the chosen class. Paladins are famous for their durability in combat, so remember to build some great defensive abilities, and not only for self protection but also for group control. Attacks and abilities that are area based are a must if you want to sustain this aura of protector or defender.

Alexandra Uthgarde, from Loot Studios’ It’s A(nother) Trap

Evil Slaying

Paladins are incredible against the dead and evil spirits, so if you have the chance of choosing enemies, be a God amongst such evil and pale beings and show them the best of your class skills. Because of their moral compass and devotion to principles, paladins usually become amazing leaders, so prepare yourself for that role, even if it’s only for a quest or specific situation.

Now that you know everything about paladins, you can read about creating NPCs to populate your world just by clicking here! You will be seen as a hero, so remember to always act as one.

May the light always guide your path, mighty paladins!

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