Loot Studios – The Environmental Benefits of 3D Printing

The Environmental Benefits of 3D Printing

Think Green and Go for Sustainability

As we get closer to the second half of the 21st century, there’s no way to deny that climate change is real and it’s here. So we come here to say that you don’t need to worry that much at least on account of this hobby, because there is evidence that can help soothe your mind. We listed a bunch of environmental benefits of 3D printing, in comparison to buying your minis from stores.

Less Carbon, Less Travel, Less Smoke

Printing at home or at a small business local print shop uses some energy, as printers need to heat up a lot, but one of the key advantages is: no fossil fuels. If there are no motor vehicles involved in transporting your mini from the factory to your home, you are probably reducing your carbon footprint by printing a few minis. That can also reduce your overall pricing, depending on how much you print/buy. 

Let’s Not Waste in Those Dangerous Times

One of the main benefits of 3D printing is that usually commercialized miniatures are made with fluid injection or other processes that don’t use a precise amount of material. When you 3D print something you not only use almost exactly the required material, but you can also make adjustments to ensure you are doing the most with as little as you can. If you are new to 3D printing, of course you can use the default settings for a start. But you can learn a lot from articles and the miniature community about the best way to make the most of your printing resources. Also, 3D printing is usually done by demand, so there’s no excess stock of unused products that need to be dealt with.

environmental benefits of 3D printing
Miniatures from Loot Studios’ The Oasis.

The Future Seems Greener

Since the 80s, when 3D printing had its humble beginning, the technology hasn’t stopped evolving. Some 3D printers are already able to use recycled materials, and that is something that, by design, will be accounted for with a growing interest. Since it has been growing in popularity later, 3D printing has been more attuned to the sustainability schedule as modern technology does. The industry is investing a lot of money on research to make the 3D printer business more profitable and sustainable, and the materials cheaper and repurposable. If you are not already printing with recycled materials, in a decade or so you probably will, since it is being actively sought. 

Who Prints the Printing Parts?

There’s something that 3D printers have the potential to make that is still being explored. Printing specific parts of machines that usually had to be ordered from foreign or far located manufacturers. If you are someone that was born in the 80s or early 90s, the idea of a machine that can grant you the equipment to fix another machine sounds a little sci-fi for you. The thing is, we live in a kind of sci-fi age. Climatic change and the lack of resources used to be theories or discussions that not everyone believed in. Now we don’t need to look at dystopian futures fiction to gaze into that, so it’s great to know that your hobbies can be environmentally positive.

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