Loot Studios – 15 Awesome Models and Why You Need Them Now

15 Awesome Models and Why You Need Them Now

... And Why Loot Studios Can Hook You Up With the RPG Adventure You Have Been Dreaming About

Hey, you! Yeah, you! You already know that Loot Studios creates high-quality 3D printable RPG miniatures for tabletop gaming, painting, and collecting. Each of these awesome models has a unique backstory and personality, enhancing the gaming experience, and being alone a great excuse to start your collection of minis.

But were you questioning yourself about saying yes or no to becoming a Looter? Well, we know the correct answer to that question, but we will introduce you to 15 reasons you won’t regret saying yes.

With no further ado, here are 15 awesome minis to be looked at!

#1. Sunathaer Caex, from Goblin Trouble

Sunathaer Caex, from a dragonkin mercenary family, chose to serve the god of the Sun over the highest bidder after inheriting the family’s magic blade. This classic Loot character is part of the Goblin Trouble bundle, available in the Fantasy pack. Loot subscribers can also access this character for free at the Silent Coin Tavern from their Welcome Pack (Fantasy Subscription). Last, but not least, he is available as a Loyalty Reward, for members who stay longer with Loot!

15 awesome models and why you need them now
Marcia Georgina, our Lead Painter, and Sunathaer Caex, a Loyalty Reward from Loot Studios.

#2. Neon Street Samurai, from Neon Street 3K

Part of the Sci-Fi subscription, the Neon Street 3K is all about adventure and discovering new ways to survive – and fight!

Meet the Neon Street Samurai, a legendary fighter who wields state-of-the-art alloys in his sword to take on enemies. With supernatural speed, strength, and skill, he employs unmatched traditional sword fighting techniques.

15 awesome minis and why you need them now
Neon Street Samurai, from Loot Studios’ Neon Street 3K.

#3. Time Portal, from Mercs and Miners

The Time Portal in the Mercs and Miners Sci-Fi bundle can hold a smartphone when printed on larger scales. It’s a great addition to your Sci-Fi RPG adventure and makes you wonder, who needs a spaceship when you’ve got a portal? See more of it here.

#4. Savrosh’garexys, Lorewyrm, from Loxwort Academy

The Loxwort Academy bundle from the Fantasy Subscription offers a murder-mystery storyline with intriguing characters. Archmage Savros, a dragon in disguise, protects his hoard with magic and attacks a thief. He cast a spell to cover up the incident and returned later, pretending to be unaware of the theft.

15 awesome minis and why you need them now
Savrosh’garexys, Lorewyrm, from Loot Studios’ Loxwort Academy.

#5. Sakura “Full House” Nubayo, from Viva Los Loots

She is a Gang Leader; there’s no way to diverge from this conclusion just by looking at this incredible piece.

Meet Sakura Nubayo, the “Full House” and Gang Leader in the Viva Los Loots bundle from the Sci-Fi subscription. In the Grand Gambling Series hosted by the Silk Clover Resort and Casino, a group of thieves plan to steal the grand prize and disappear into the night. Will they succeed? Let the games begin!

#6. Treasure Golem, from Lair of Liars

In the bundle Lair of Liars from the Fantasy subscription at Loot Studios, you´ll encounter this Enemy: the Treasure Golem, the manifestation of a cursed item found in a dragon’s hoard. Come to the Two-Faced Coin Tavern instead of the Silent Coin Tavern, where everything is a hoax. We may have shady deals, but everything is real and high quality. Get better prices, access to contests, and unusual fair activities. Partner with us, and we’ll both make a killing!

15 awesome minis and why you need them now
Treasure Golem, from Loot Studios’ Lair of Liars.

#7. Lyahn’noar Maar’sya, Elf Druid, from Tangleheart Forest

This face is more precious to us than those of this Elf-Druid: this is Márcia Georgina, Loot’s Lead on painting!

Ok, it’s not Márcia herself, but you’ll be glad to meet her doppelgänger instead.

Meet Lyahn’noar, a wood elf with a unique connection to nature. She’s a druid on a mission to save the corrupted Flimbey Woods with the help of her elk companion. Can she restore the forest to its former glory?

#8. Helicopter, from Overclock Crisis

Wait a minute: a helicopter? Yes, you read that right!

If printed in 32mm scale, this striking piece can hold other minis inside, and you can even use a different propeller for other journeys!

ExoIndustries strengthened people with ExoTech, but the “Overclock Virus” hacked in and caused chaos. The ExoForce now fights its own. It’s a tragedy and a reminder that people are the weak link in cybersecurity.

From Overlock Crisis, this Sci-Fi adventure – and the magnificent piece, of course! – it is definitely one for the books! If you want to see more of it, check out this link and this other one.

15 awesome models and why you need them now
Helicopter, from Loot Studios’ Overclock Crisis.

9. Gul’Trot, Fortressback Tortoise, from Crusade of Darkness

…and now a tortoise? Actually, no.

Gul’Trot is not just any ordinary tortoise – a Fortressback Tortoise that can change its hull! This unique character is perfect for your next RPG adventure. And the best part? You can 3D print it in giant sizes using resin or FDM.

Subscribing to the Fantasy bundles, you can access the Crusade of Darkness – just fit your miniatures on top and get ready to play!

You can see more amusing on Gul’Trot and how much fun you can have with it here and below:

15 awesome models and why you need them now
Gul’Trot, Fortressback Tortoise, from Loot Studios’ Crusade of Darkness.

#10. Loup Garou, from Night Hunters

The Werewolf from our Fantasy subscription bundle Night Hunters is no joke.

Loup Garou is the ultimate lycanthrope pack leader, born that way with no humanoid, hybrid, or animal form. Its origins are unknown, but killing a vampire has proven more potent than any wild werewolf.

15 awesome models and why you need them now
Loup Garou, from Loot Studios’ Night Hunters.

#11. Ziadtroks, Elder Watcher, from Eye of the Watcher

Watchers don’t just sit around but don’t get their hands dirty. Ziadtrocks is an Elder Watcher with minions doing his bidding on the surface and underground. With powerful jaws and eyeball abilities, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The Boss character was introduced at Loot’s Fantasy Eye of the Watcher, available only for subscribers at the Old Bundles session!

15 awesome models and why you need them now
Ziadtroks, Elder Watcher, from Loot Studios’ Eye of the Watcher.

#12. Cassandra, La Pistolera, from Damn Nation

Her head may be an interchangeable piece, but her story is hers and needs to be told. 

Interstellar radio signals caused the near demise of the human empire. Cassandra lost her arms fighting the legions, but her new mechanical limbs only made her stronger and more determined to fight back.

Damn Nation: a Sci-Fi story that will definitely turn your head.

15 awesome models and why you need them now
Cassandra, La Pistolera’s Bust, from Loot Studios’ Damn Nation.

#13. Garage, from Highway Slicers

Well, if it is a garage, be sure to put motorcycles and other minis inside it!

A cool biker gang, the Four Riders, robbed over a billion dollars but lost the secret code to their treasure when their leader was killed. Now, the remaining three members, who split into different gangs, must team up to find the money after someone broadcasted the missing code to all of them. They don’t trust each other, but they must find the treasure before it’s too late!

#14. Ancient Worm, from Sandy Dunes of Lutba

The most dangerous creature in Lutba is the ancient worm, and encountering one is something to take seriously in this Sci-Fi adventure.

Luckily for humans, these worms don’t care about them, but when two worms meet, it’s trouble. They can’t coexist, and one must leave, often surfacing to feed on settlers. These worms are enormous, covered in spikes, and secrete venom, making them a force to be feared and avoided at all costs!

15 awesome models and why you need them now
Ancient Worm, from Loot Studios’ Sandy Dunes of Lutba.

#15. Lady Harpy Pirate Ship, from Ship Ahoy

Are you ready for the most fun ride ever?

In this Fantasy bundle called Ship Ahoy, we are more than welcome into Lady Harpy – it can be 3D-printed in different sizes, including a giant one in FDM, that can fit large-sized minis to be played within its decks and chambers.

Eleanore Gale, aka “The Harpy,” is a lucky pirate with a sultry voice and a deadly charm. She’s a Pirate Duke with a diverse crew, including a dragon turtle ally. Eleanore’s goal is to find Davy Jones’ locker, even if it means betraying Davy’s great-grandson and fighting against Baltazar de Cordes. More information on it here.

Alvaro Ribeiro, our Lead Artist, and Lady Harpy Pirate Ship, from Loot Studios’ Ship Ahoy!.

Final Thoughts

As you now can see, Loot’s Subscription offers detailed and high-quality designs for 3D printing and painting, with access to tips and a vast paint catalog on YouTube made by Lyahn’noar Maar’sya, oops, Márcia Georgina, the Lead of our Masters of Painting.

The subscription also includes stat blocks for D&D 5E and a Magazine with character lore. Joining the Loot community allows you to connect with other artists and players and use the miniatures to create unique dioramas and stories. And if all this wasn’t reason enough for you to start your collection of minis, read this post.

Loot’s Subscription gives you all you need to start 3D printing, painting, creating, and playing. You can start playing immediately with D&D 5E stat blocks and a lore magazine. Plus, you can use the miniatures to make dioramas and scenes or add them to different stories.

I would definitely like to see the Time Portal being the key to bringing Lady Harpy, the Helicopter, and Gul’Trot transporting Sunathaer Caex, Sakura “Full House,” Lyahn’noar Maar’sya, Cassandra, and the Neon Street Samurai on a journey while they encounter Loup Garou, Ziadtroks, the Ancient Worm along the way! Imagine them fighting Savrosh’garexys or the Treasure Golem! It would be just EPIC!

So choose the best resin and check out our Freebies section to try out our range of free and premium 3D models before committing to a purchase. We can even help you store and organize your collection!

Loot Studios can help you print and paint highly detailed minis, statues and props. Choose your favorite bundle from our previous releases or sign up for Fantasy or Sci-Fi to receive a new bundle every month. You can also check out some tips at our YouTube Channel.

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