Why You Should Start Printing Loot’s Props

There’s Always Room for More Loot

Loot Studios enables RPG players, collectors, and hobbyists to fulfill their dreams of printing awesome miniatures. They’re all passionately crafted by talented and renowned artists like Alvaro Ribeiro, Loot Studios’ cofounder. Every piece is a part of the world of Loot, which covers both the fantasy and the sci-fi genres. Also, they have a dedicated lore to it. Having easy access to these STL files for 3D printing is what makes it all the more special. Anyone can print epic minis at home to start their campaign or to create an amazing collection. And while Loot’s most known sets are minis for RPG campaigns, some props are multi-purposed.

Stylish items like the Wild Riders Brass Knuckles, a cool cyberpunk prop, can be used as a hand accessory or be attached to a belt. The Scrying Spyglass, and the Pipe of Summoning, are ideal for a pirate costume. Or even for placing it on a stand to make anyone’s friend’s jaw drop. Truth is, all props are incredibly detailed items that can be used as the owner pleases. One cool prop can serve as tomorrow’s stand at the office or breaking the monotony of work. It’s easy to bring fantasy to the routine when printing anything has become a reality, so grab a 3D printer (if you don’t own one yet, we can help you with that here) and a lot of resin, because this is just the beginning.

It’s Easy and Simple

To have access to these incredible props and start collecting all the goods, people can either buy bundles or subscribe. Bundles are themed sets that include minis, props, and other goods from either a sci-fi or fantasy universe. Subscribing is the way to become a member, and receive a new bundle every month. All it requires is creating an account on their website and paying the monthly charge. For an affordable price, members receive a set of highly detailed and ready-to-print STL files. Long-term subscribers unlock the loyalty system, being rewarded with unique models that are not up for sale, and can only be obtained through the number of months someone has subscribed in a row.

Anyone can check what comes in the current month’s bundle at Loot’s website, including the number and type of objects. Regardless, every bundle previously released can be purchased in the old bundles’ section, at half the price for members. For new subscribers, there’s a free welcoming pack to give them a great head start for the next RPG campaign. It comes with 6 heroes, 13 NPCs, and 26 scenery objects. Resin 3D printers are recommended for the STL files, yet everyone is welcome to head to the freebies section and test printing a miniature before committing to a membership. With a Loot’s mini in hand, it’s easy to see what they mean by the level of quality.

why you should start printing loot's props
Samurai Neon Mask, from Loot Studios’ Neon Street 3K.

For Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovers

Despite having gorgeous sets ready for the RPG table, Loot’s props are not only meant for a good day of beers and battles. They’re a love letter to those who enjoy these fantastic worlds just as much as them. Besides, there are many ways to use these props beyond games. One is to decorate the house, or even the person’s office. The Robot Skull from Undercity Exiles, an epic headphone stand, brings a bit of cyberpunk to the routine. There’s also the bust of Roldan Frostgrief, in all of its Nordic rage and glory. Another way is to arrange battle trophies in the living room, with a Dragon Head on the wall. Or maybe put a Skull Display over the table, right next to the phone? And why not have an amazingly detailed airship like The Elder Raider or a Tiny Planet as the dining table’s centerpiece?

There are plenty of practical props to choose from as well, items that are both useful and stylish! That is the case with the Sci-Fi Overclock Crisis and the Eye of the Watcher can holders. They secure your beverages with mighty power and look awesome while doing it.

why you should start printing loot's props
Can Holder, from Loot Studios’ Eye of the Watcher.

On the fashion side, anyone can become a cool cyber samurai with the Aniki’s Mask. Or raise their attributes with the Eye of the Watcher ring collection. Other props can be used as extra game gear, like Los Loots Chips and the Nightmare Dice Tower. They are ready for any kind of tabletop game that requires chips or could be even better with an epic dice tower. Once bought, owners keep the SLT files forever! So if something happens to the prop, or if the owner needs more chips for their game, they just have to print it again.

why you should start printing loot's props
Robot Skull, from Loot Studios’ Undercity Exiles.

Cool Looking Gear

With 3D printing becoming a more accessible hobby, printing props has turned into an incredibly popular practice among the cosplay community in recent years. Cosplayers can effortlessly replicate a character’s weapon, their accessories, and any other kind of prop, provided they have the 3D print STL file. Props come out highly detailed, being light, tough, and durable, and work great with paint and electronics. One of the best parts is that they can be created with detachable parts for easier transportation. And that for sure saves the cosplayer a big headache. Also, 3D-printed weapons are more easily accepted in events. That it because they don’t have sharp edges and it would be a bit hard to harm someone with them.

However, cosplayers are not the only ones enjoying this kind of technology. LARP fans are living an even more immersive experience. Independent movie creators can give their fantasy characters cool weapons and trinkets. Robotics folks are creating functional exoskeletons, and the bar of a cool Halloween costume was just raised by a mile. All of that is possible through 3D printing props, and Loot has a great collection of equipment props to be used in costumes.

The set of Potions from Tenebris Infested is a perfect addition to a mage’s belt (albeit they’re truly infested, so do not drink from them). The Blade of Alphariox is any rogue’s dream and looks so stunning that it could be placed on a wall just as fine. The Crown of the Tyrant sits well on the head of a fallen king or villain, and the Hell Blaster is a demon-hunter slash vampire slayer must-have. All of that and more can be found on Loot Studios’ website and a sneak peek of what’s coming next for those that enjoy some spoilers.

You can also read more about some of the awesome minis available to print.

Loot Studios can help you print highly detailed minis, statues and props. Choose your favorite bundle from our previous releases or sign up for Fantasy or Sci-Fi to receive a new bundle every month. You can also check out some tips at our YouTube Channel.

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