Loot Studios – Chitubox vs. Lychee: Which Is Better?

Chitubox vs. Lychee: Which Is Better?

Slice, Dice, and Print It Up

Yes, today we are talking about slicers, and no, we are not making salads. Slicers are software used to make sure your printing process goes as smoothly and precisely as possible. The right slicer may be one of the defining factors of the final quality of your 3D print. To help you choose the right one, we took a close look at two of the most popular and well-renowned software in the market and we bring you this great showdown: Chitubox vs. Lychee. Place your bets!

Yes, It Really Does Matter, But It’s Not That Simple

This is not an article meant to tell you which slicer to choose. In the Loot office, we have people that are team Lychee and also people on team Chitubox, for different reasons. So follow along as we explore the pros and cons of each one, and make your own informed decision by the end of the article.

First Things First, as It Should Be

Chitubox and Lychee have different interfaces, and you should play around a little bit to find out which one pleases you the most. Remember to use the trial/free versions before you commit to buying. For simple functions like rotation, copying figures, and adjusting the position for printing, both programs have similar options. It’s more about finding what seems instinctive and friendly for you.

chitubox vs. lychee
Uten Ironheart, from Loot Studios’ Free Mini Pack.

Mixed Fruit Makes a Nice Snack

Lychee Slicer, by Mango 3D (such tasty names) has a feature called Meshmixer. Meshmixer is a functionality focused on making small changes or adjustments to the 3D model. Lychee also packs another interesting feature called Support Recalculation. If you are prone to rescaling your models, this will help you make sure the support structure that was calculated for the original size/scale will not conflict with the new measurements of the model. The software also allows you to check a real time preview of what you are printing. Lychee brings not only the base tools needed to slice a model, but those kinds of optional-but-nice-to-have tools that can make a difference and make it your favorite. 

There Needs to Be a Box for You to Think Outside It

Chitubox is a very popular and well-loved software that brings its own set of tricks to 3D slicing. Chitubox brings a robust and resourceful feature that allows it to perform advanced edits to the support structure of the 3D model. For people that know their way around and are already playing beyond the usual, this can be a nice toy to play with. Chitubox also brings along the capacity to generate and annotate GIF images that can be used to document the process. Those functionalities can be one of the reasons to choose Chitubox.

In Conclusion

Chitubox and Lychee slicer are two of the most useful and renowned slicers in the market these days. Any one of those can fulfill what is needed to slice and print your minis appropriately. We gave you a few ideas of how to choose, but you know more about your needs than we will ever. Make sure you are comfortable with the software, choose the right resin and keep on printing and expanding your collection.

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