Top Must-Have Accessories for Your 3D Printer

Enhance Your 3D Printer With a Few Extra Add-ons

3D printing has rapidly evolved from a niche technology to a versatile tool with applications in various industries, from prototyping to manufacturing, art, and education – and for printing excellent minis, of course! Investing in the right accessories is essential to enhance the capabilities and reliability of your 3D printer, and that’s the main reason we highlight here some of the top must-have 3D printer accessories that can take your printing experience to the next level.

#1. Build Surface Upgrades

First up, for resin printers, we have the trusty build plate (or a construction platform, if you’re using FDM). Achieving proper adhesion between the printed object and the build plate is crucial. This handy accessory provides a flat surface for your prints to adhere to while they’re being created.

Although your printer probably has its own build plate from manufacturing, getting a premium one, like a glass bed with a PEI or a magnetic flexible build plate, can enhance print adhesion, reduce warping, and simplify print removal. These surfaces often require less maintenance compared to traditional build plates.

#2. Stick to the Basics

An alternative technique to enhance plate adhesion involves using a 3D printing glue, sold by many 3D printer brands, to coat your print bed.Applying the glue directly onto the build plate allows for effortless removal with water. This method is an effective bed adhesion solution, proving successful with most materials.

If you’re short on money though, it is possible to use a washable glue stick. However, it’s important to note that it may not be as suitable for materials like ABS and polycarbonate that are susceptible to significant warping. This approach’s efficacy is noteworthy and readily available at a diverse range of stores, often at a highly affordable price point.

accessories for your 3d printer
Hunter Shark, from Loot Studios’ Ship Ahoy!.

Another common suggestion involves applying a coat of hairspray to the print bed. Utilizing hairspray to increase adherence to your print bed is a swift and uncomplicated procedure. However, exercising caution is essential when employing this technique, as using hairspray frequently and without meticulous attention can potentially harm your printer.

#3. Spare Parts and Toolkit

A collection of spare parts, including belts, bearings, and screws, can be a lifesaver when unexpected issues arise. Additionally, having a well-equipped toolkit with essentials like screwdrivers, pliers, and calipers ensure you’re prepared for maintenance and minor repairs.

#4. Nozzle Variety and Maintenance

The nozzle, that tiny yet mighty part, can make all the difference in your prints. Nozzles determine the layer resolution and printing speed. This accessory lets you perfectly customize your prints, from intricate miniatures to chunky prototypes.

A set of nozzles with different diameters enables you to optimize print quality and speed according to your needs. A larger nozzle is necessary to create a larger model rapidly, while a smaller one is essential in scenarios requiring intricate detailing or managing complex prints. If your existing nozzle becomes clogged, replacement is imperative.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning and replacement, is essential to prevent clogs and maintain consistent extrusion. In that matter, remember that regular maintenance is vital to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your 3D printer. For a comprehensive guide on how to clean your 3D printer’s vat effectively, check out our informative post.


Investing in these must-have 3D printer accessories can significantly enhance the quality, reliability, and versatility of your 3D printing endeavors. Each addition remarkably achieves exceptional print results and a seamless printing experience as the 3D printing landscape evolves; staying equipped with the right accessories ensures you’re ready to explore new frontiers in this dynamic technology.

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