Loot Studios – How a 3D Printer Can Help You Play Memorable RPG Campaigns

How a 3D Printer Can Help You Play Memorable RPG Campaigns

The Upgrade Your Campaign Has Been Asking For

Depending on your local game store for cool miniatures is a thing of the past. The amount of creative freedom and quality a personal 3D printer provides is unmatched, especially if it is a resin 3D printer. Buying a 3D printer may seem like a big investment at first but its benefits far surpass the costs in the long run. It’s a relaxing new hobby that will improve the RPG experience and can open the gates to something more, such as cool-looking tools and house decoration. Besides, the level of immersion during the campaign will never be the same, so here is how a 3D printer can help you enhance your game night.

Print Real Life Props

There is nothing more epic than giving real items for the players to use during the adventure. It could be 3D printed potion vials, different coins and treasures, amulets, trinkets, special ammunition, and magic rings. Anything that heroes can loot in the game could also appear in real life and increase the campaign’s immersion to a whole new level. But why stick to small objects when anything can be 3D printed? Give them a replica of the epic sword they conquered in a quest, or the cursed tome of a forgotten mad king that was lying around in a tomb. And why not change the room decoration of the house to match a scene in the story? Wear the crown of a fearsome boss while the party has to deal with them! Or turn the living room into a spacecraft with sci-fi 3D printed decorations and a few LEDs.

how a 3d printer can help you
Hags House, from Loot Studios’ Granny’s Prophecy.

Get Better Miniatures

Playing with the same miniatures can get dull after some time, and a local game store can only provide
a certain variety of them. But why limit the scope of an adventure by that? Every hero needs a unique face, and it helps players identify with the character, and even care more for them when there is a pretty mini representing them on the table. A dungeon looks more intimidating and immersive to explore when players can see its rooms and all the beautiful props inside it.

Hobbyists can find all sorts of miniatures on the internet, create their own stylized heroes at HeroForge, or even print their own makings if they know how to create 3D models. For all things 3D, there are plenty of hyper-detailed and thematic miniatures — from sci-fi to fantasy — to turn your world into reality at Loot Studios’ bundles, and all of that in the comfort of your house. With unique and badass enemies, heroes, props, and scenery objects to create epic dungeons and remarkable places for any kind of RPG game.

how a 3d printer can help you
Oliver, Illusionist Apprentice, from Loot Studios’ Loxwort Academy.

Final Thoughts

3D printers are not as complicated as they look, and having a 3D printer at home can unlock endless creative possibilities, making RPG campaigns feel more exciting and memorable. Hobbyists can always do their own twists and experiments, mixing techniques and printing with different materials like transparent resin. With Loot’s articles, anyone can become an expert on this hobby, with in-depth, step-by-step tutorials, and guides, and learn things like the Best 3D printing softwares for beginners in 2023.

Loot Studios can help you print highly detailed minis, statues and props. Choose your favorite bundle from our previous releases or sign up for Fantasy or Sci-Fi to receive a new bundle every month. You can also check out some tips at our YouTube Channel.

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